Mini Facial $50
Great for lunch time or busy schedules. Includes cleansing,exfoliating,extractions and hydrating mask. 

Aveda Outer Peace Facial $69

Great for teens and problem skin. Treats not only acne symptoms, but it’s causes- so skin stays clear.  Includes consultation; exfoliation, pore extractions and redness reduction.

Tulasara Facial $110 new

It goes beyond traditional facial treatments, designed for total relaxation and skin rejuvenation.  Tailored to your skin’s needs.  This specialized treatment promises to leave you utterly relaxed, harmonized and balanced. You will leave with your skin looking refreshed.

Botanical Resurfacing (dust-free Microderm) $125

Reduce skin discoloration caused by hormonal changes and sun exposure.  Encourage exfoliation of dark pigment cells to diminish within the skin.  Support healthy skin function, while evening out skin tone and overall luminosity. 

This latest technology utilizes real diamond chips plated to a stainless surgical-steel wand. This effectively polishes away the outermost layer of skin to reveal healthier skin and promote collagen production. The goal of this treatment is to improve the appearance of fine lines, reduce large pores, reduce age spots, and fine superficial scars. 

Recommend a series of three.

The Glow - Dual Exfoliation Peel $125 new
Redefine your skin with a non-surgical resurfacing facelift.

Enjoy a 97% naturally derived dual exfoliation peel proven to smooth, brighten, and even the look of skin better than microdermabrasion and 30% glycolic peel combined. Leaves skin feeling gentle and releases tension which is due to dryness.  The skins protective coating is re-established.  Fine lines and creases are alleviated.  Smoothed skin texture and diminishes pore size while significantly increasing radiance. Skin appears visibly refreshed. Giving you a glowing result.

*New Vitamin C Facial w/ Transforming Massage Masque $125

Transform your skin to Look younger and brighter!

Aveda has come out with thier new stable Vitamin C serum. 10% concentrated (Equivalent to 10 oranges.) This facial is great for dry/dehydrated skin and sensitive skin. Evens out skin tone and discoloration. Reduces the appearance of fine lines. Penetrates skin barrier and infuses skin with a healthy glow. Helps support the skins natural collagen.


Elemental Nature Back Treatment $95

A great exfoliation treatment for skin during this cold, dry weather.  Plus a relaxing back massage to help with the tension of life.  Extractions included. Aveda products customized to your skin needs.

Aveda Aroma Body Polish Treatment: $120.00

Full-body exfoliating treatment featuring customized Aveda body care products and incorporates massage along with Aveda  aromas.



Vitamin C Boost $20

Brightens and helps support the skins natural collagen while smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Can be added to any facial 

Foot Treatment $25

Warm foot wrap, followed by foot reflexology.

Hand/Arm Treatment $15

An arm exfoliation that helps moisturize and hydrate skin followed by a Massage.

Eye Treatment $15

A soothing experience for the eyes to help relieve tension and visibly revitalize the skin. 

High-Frequency spot treatments $15

These treatments help target puffy eyes, dark circles, acne, reduces Blackheads and appearance of enlarged pores.

High-Frequency Scalp Treatment $25

This treatment helps open scalp pores, gently exfoliates and eliminate harmful toxins.  Allows applied scalp treatments to penetrate much deeper below the surface of the skin.