Evening, Prom and Wedding

Cost may increase with long hair or more detailed styles.

To save time please come to the appointment with hair washed and dried. This will give the stylist more time to spend on the style. Please wear a zip or button up shirt for easy removal over your hairstyle.

Formal Style & Makeup Prices

* Free consultation

*Special occasion Styles start at: $90

*Rehearsal runs for hair: $65

*Make-up Application: $55-120

*Rehearsal Run for Make-up: $50 & up

*Prom Special: Hair and make-up $145



  • Free consultation

  • $50 rehearsal Makeup run

  • $75 rehearsal run (hair only)

  • $120-$180 Hair only

  • Make-up: $55-$120


A rehearsal run for the bride will ensure that the proper time is reserved and her day will flow happily and smoothly.  If the wedding party books five or more appointments for hair and makeup they will receive an additional 10% off the services.


Off-site wedding services can also be provided. Please call for a FREE consultation.